Lady Gowrie QLD

Evening with - Catharine Hydon


Making meaning: the practice of ethical curriculum decision making

On any given day educators make hundreds of curriculum decisions. From where children put their belongings to the equipment and resources on offer, educators decide to take actions that support the program with the broad aim of fostering children’s learning. But how do we know if these decisions are meaningful? Can some of these decisions erode what is important to children and result in programs that do not support children to live well now and into the future? Curriculum decisions are more than just deciding what to do - they are about choosing what is meaningful to do. Educators are faced with the possibilities many choices when they design programs – the challenge is to make decision that connect to the children we work with equip them to be the very best they can be. What is meaningful for one service may not be meaningful for another.

This session will explore the ‘messy complexity’ of principled curriculum decision making and how educators can collaborate to offer children a meaningful and ethical curriculum that helps us all to live well.